Dermal fillers

Gentle, supple, and deeply hydrated skin with premium hyaluronic fillers

For your first filler, choose our top-quality dermal hyaluronic fillers specifically created for deep hydration, natural volume replacement, and exceptional skin elasticity. Top-quality hyaluronic fillers are carefully selected for our patients, and in addition to compensating for lost volume, they also stimulate collagen production, which guarantees long-lasting results after just one application.


Hyaluronic fillers are used to fill wrinkles, augment a certain part of the face (lips, cheeks), contour the face, straighten the nose, and for non-surgical face-lifting. The procedure takes about an hour. After the application of the anesthetic cream for painless treatment, the hyaluronic filler is injected with a thin needle or a cannula, depending on the area of injection.  Choosing the right needle or cannula reduces the possibility of hematoma and provides the most natural appearance.

Advantages of hyaluronic fillers:

  • Natural feeling and appearance due to the use of a homogeneous gel with a smooth consistency
  • Hyaluronic filler keeps its shape and does not migrate after application
  • Consistent network of hyaluronic acid that is resistant to degradation
  • Long-lasting effect


Recommended age 30+

Treatment lasts 30 – 60 min

Results are immediately noticeable

Injection treatment