Inlay, onlay, overlay

Inlay, Onlay, and Overlay are ceramic fillings that, unlike classic fillings, are made in a dental laboratory based on a tooth impression, and then permanently cemented to the tooth.

They are an excellent alternative to crowns for patients who prefer minimally invasive treatments.

The difference between the mentioned three fillings is in their size, i.e. the surface they cover.

Inlay is placed in the middle of the teeth and it has no contact with the teeth of the opposite jaw when biting.

Onlay is larger and fills in tooth damage in cases when it is necessary to restore the cusps of the tooth. It comes into contact with the opposite tooth when biting.

Overlay covers both the inner and outer parts of the crown of the tooth.


This group of dental restorations is somewhere between fillings and crowns when it comes to their function and aesthetics. They have an advantage over classic composite fillings when it comes to hardness and durability, and they are certainly a better aesthetic solution due to the stability of their color. Also, unlike a dental crown, the tooth is drilled less during the preparation for indirect fillings, which maximizes the preservation of healthy dental tissue. 

The main indication for making this type of restoration is the extensive lack of tooth structure on the back teeth. 

Carious damage


Teeth impression

3 days