Pedriatic dentistry

Your little ones should never be afraid of dentists! 

We pay special attention to our smallest patients, introduce them to the instruments, and with the help of stories and interesting descriptions we make their stay in the dentist’s chair fun and painless.  

There’s no place for fear with our talented experts!

Pediatric dentistry or pedodontics is a branch of dental medicine that deals primarily with the prevention, i.e. preventing caries, checking the growth and development of the jaw, and treating children’s teeth.

Preventive measures should be applied as soon as the first teeth start erupting. 

The first baby tooth usually erupts around the sixth month of a child’s life, and this should serve as a reminder to every parent that they should start practicing oral hygiene.

The first visit to the dentist should be around the age of one so that we can spot any abnormalities in time, give parents instructions on proper maintenance of oral hygiene, implement additional preventive measures and get the child used to the dentist’s office.


It would be best to bring your child for a short visit the first couple of times where we won’t perform any procedures in the oral cavity. This way, the child will see the dentist as a friend and future procedures will be much easier and less painful.

It is important to repair caries on baby teeth because if it progresses it can lead to tooth decay and loss, which can later result in the improper growth of permanent teeth.

It is also very important for young permanent teeth to grow and develop in a healthy and sanitized environment, without active carious lesions.

Our Polyclinic also offers colored fillings for children which have proven to be a good incentive and motivation for children to fix their teeth.

We coat the teeth of the youngest patients with fluoride-based products to prevent caries

Permanent molars often have deep fissures where food remains accumulate and form plaque, which leads to the development of caries. That is why these fissures need to be sealed.

The process of sealing fissures is painless and is carried out without drilling the teeth if there is no caries on the tooth.

Recommended age 0-18


Oral hygiene education

15-30 min