Diagnostic radiology

We use the latest technology and devices to obtain high-quality digital images which can be displayed on a computer and provide our patients with top-quality service in one place. 

Dental radiology is a part of radiology that deals with the use of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation for the purpose of formulating a diagnosis, planning dental treatment, and monitoring the progress of diseases and the results of dental treatment. 

Radiological devices help dentists to formulate a precise diagnosis alongside a detailed clinical exam in any branch of dental medicine.

At the Petković Polyclinic, we use precise dental x-rays that enable detailed insight into the anatomical features of the teeth, diagnosis of pathological processes, assessment of the state and thickness of the bone before implant procedures, as well as the degree of bone loss due to periodontitis.

Digital dental imaging has the following benefits:


  • Speed
  • Comfort and cost-effectiveness
  • Digital image that can be viewed on a computer
  • Archived images in the computer for the dentist

An orthopantomogram (OPG) is a complete image of the upper and lower jaw with the surrounding anatomical structures which provides insight into the patient’s overall oral health. It provides us with general information about the bones of the head, jaws, and teeth, whereas the intraoral dental image shows the individual tooth, all the details of the crown and the root, as well as the surrounding structure of the periodontium and alveolar bone.

The device provides a wide range of 2D images with a much-reduced dose of radiation, even up to 90% compared to classic X-ray devices. At the Petković Polyclinic, strict device controls are regularly carried out to ensure safety and protection from radiation for all our patients and staff.

Before each scan, the patient is equipped with a protective apron to minimize the impact of radiation.

Recommended age 6+

Should be used with caution during pregnancy

Dental x-ray

10-15 min