Microneedling – SkinPen

Microneedling as a natural regeneration of skin

How can we treat enlarged pores, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, and other skin irregularities effectively, painlessly, and without risk? The answer lies in the only FDA-approved device for microneedling – SkinPen. The microneedling treatment causes microinjuries to the skin that stimulate skin regeneration, i.e. neocollagenesis (creation of new collagen) and new blood vessels. Since it takes approximately 3 months to create, or synthesize collagen, you need to be patient. The first effects are visible a few days after the treatment and a more permanent effect 3 months after the treatment. The SkinPen device contains 14 microneedles made of high-quality Japanese stainless steel that can make as many as 1,600 micro-channels per second or approximately 2 million microinjections per facial treatment.

The treatment includes an hour-long preparation of the face, application of anesthetic cream, and microneedling procedure, while the procedure itself lasts about 20 minutes. After the treatment, erythema (redness) of the face is expected. It will decrease gradually, and the skin should return back to normal after 24 hours. A few days after the treatment, slight flaking of the face will occur, but after that, your face will glow. Exposure to the sun is prohibited for 4 weeks after the treatment. In order to achieve the maximum effect, we recommend getting 3 treatments with a month-long pause between them, and for patients with scars, we recommend 3 – 6 treatments with a month-long pause between them.

Microneedling is a completely safe treatment that promotes natural skin regeneration. We can use microneedling in combination with PRP treatment, mesotherapy, or in combination with chemical peeling (pixel peel).


After the Skinpen treatment, which synthesizes new collagen and elastin fibers, the patient can continue to apply serums or boosters on their own in order to achieve the maximum effect at home.

Indications for SkinPen treatment:

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Melasma and other hyperpigmentation
  • Acne scars
  • Stretch marks

Recommended age 15-60+

Treatment lasts 45 min

Recommendation 3 – 6 treatments

Microneedling treatment